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    Music and mathematics.
    Poetry and mathematics.
    What is mathematics?
    Was math invented or discovered?

Why Do We Like Math? [3/25/1996]
Why do you like math so much? I find it to be a real pain and kind of boring. :-)

Why Do We Need to Study Rational Numbers? [04/22/2008]
My students want to know why they need to know what rational numbers are and what use they have in the real world.

Why Estimate? [09/16/2002]
Why do we use estimation?

Why Find the LCM? [10/07/1998]
Where do you use LCMs? How do they apply to real life?

Why is Math Interesting? [01/16/2001]
Why does math have to be so boring and hard?

Why Is Mental Math Important? [03/25/2004]
How can I convince a 14 year old girl who is in 8th grade the importance of mental math? I think that skills like mentally adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers and being able to estimate multiplying 2 digit large numbers are critical. My daughter's teacher says that such skills aren't needed because of calculators and computers.

Why is Pi Everywhere? [2/9/1996]
Why does pi show up in things that don't seem to be related to circles?

Why is the Word "Number" Abbreviated to "No."? [05/13/2002]
Why is the word number abbreviated to no.?

Why Learn to Factor? [07/08/2002]
Why do I need to learn to factor expressions if I'm going to be a fashion designer?

Why Math? [3/25/1996]
Why do you like math so much?

The Why of Algebra [11/13/1998]
What is algebra for? Why do you need the letters and variables?

Why Proofs? Definitions and Axioms [09/16/2001]
Why are proofs important in the development of a mathematical system like geometry?

Why Rules? [08/15/2001]
Why do we need to have rules for order of operations?

Why Use h and k for the Center of a Circle? [05/09/2000]
Why are k and h used in the equation (x-h)^2 + (y-k)^2 = 0 for a circle with center (h,k)? Why not j and f, etc.?

Why Use Letters in Math? [12/01/1999]
Why do we need to use letters in math?

Why Use X and Y for Variables? [10/23/2002]
Why do we use x and y for variables in an equation?

Why was Math Invented? [2/26/1996]
Why was math invented? What about geometry?

Writing Checks [07/31/2002]
When writing a check, how do you indicate the number of cents in the part where you write out the amount using words?

Years That Start on Sunday [10/02/2000]
What is the probability that a randomly chosen year will start on a Sunday?

Zero and One, Each Unique in Its Own Special Way [04/10/2013]
Zero is neither positive nor negative; 1 is neither prime nor composite. So how do we classify these numbers?

Zero Before the Decimal Point? [10/06/2000]
What is the merit of writing the zero before the decimal point in numbers less than one, for example 0.25?

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