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Translation, Reflection, Rotation [05/16/2001]
What is the difference between slide, flip, and turn?

Transversal - Meaning and Examples [11/14/1994]
I have a 7th grade student who would like to know the meaning and examples of "transversal".

Triangle Inequality Theorem [03/09/2001]
The lengths of the sides of a non-isosceles triangle, in size order, are 5, x, and 15. What are all possible integral values of x?

Trilogy, Tetralogy... [05/28/2003]
Why isn't there a numbering system for groups like trilogies?

Truncating [01/19/2002]
What does truncating mean?

Types of Triangles [02/24/2003]
What is the the difference between equilateral, isosceles, and scalene triangles? How can I remember which name goes with which triangle?

Using Mean, Mode, and Range [11/23/2002]
Examples of real-life uses of mean, mode, and range.

Vertical Angle [11/15/2001]
What are vertical angles? Are they equal?

Vertical Angles [10/27/1996]
What are vertical angles?

Volume vs. Capacity [05/01/2002]
Can you explain the difference between the terms volume and capacity? Also mass and weight.

Ways to Remember the Meaning of Circumference, Radius, Diameter, and Chord [03/18/2004]
If the minute hand touched the edge of the clock, would it be most like a diameter, radius, circumference, or chord of a circle? I have a hard time remembering what each of those means.

What are Flops? [02/25/2001]
What are flops, as relating to computers?

What Are Proofs? [08/12/1997]
I am homeschooling and do not understand proofs. Can you help me out?

What Does a Twofold Increase Mean? [01/23/2004]
Is a twofold increase simply twice the amount? What about a threefold increase? I'm not used to this terminology of using 'fold.' Does it refer to powers or multiples?

What Does Average Mean? [12/05/2001]
Can someone explain what average is? For example what is the average rainfall in New York? I understand the formula needed to find the average, but what is the meaning of average?

What Does a Vertical Bar Mean? [01/29/2001]
I want to know what the symbol | means, for example |2+3|.

What Does EE Stand For? [01/14/2003]
What does the EE stand for on a scientific calculator?

What Does "Mean" Mean? [4/14/1995]
Can the terms average and mean be used interchangeably?

What Does 'n' Mean? [09/25/2001]
In a pair of numbers, if n is the first number, what is the second?

What Do Input and Output Mean in Math? [04/09/2007]
What is the relationship between the input and output on a table? I'm not quite sure what an input or output is.

What Is a Coefficient? [01/29/2004]
What is a coefficient?

What is a Cubit? [03/31/2002]
The Bible says that Moses was 9 cubits tall and Pharaoh was 1 cubit tall. What is that in today's inches or feet?

What is a Cuboctahedron? [01/02/2001]
What is a cuboctahedron?

What is a Median? [03/03/1998]
A definition of median, and four examples of calculating medians.

What is an Algorithm? [08/08/1997]
I have been reading up on computers and microprocessors. The word algorithm keeps coming up. Can you give me any hints about this?

What is an N-gon? [06/01/1998]
Can you explain the statement: "In an N-gon, n-3 diagonals can be drawn from one vertex"?

What is a Pace? [02/28/2002]
What is the difference between a "pace" and the standard unit of measurement?

What is a Parenthesis? [07/17/2000]
What does the mathematical term "parenthesis" mean?

What is a point? [8/26/1996]
Define a point, please.

What is a Set? [04/04/1997]
What is the correct term to refer to groups of objects like 3 cars, 7 pencils, or 5 apples?

What is a Sign? [04/21/2003]
Can you do anything in math without signs?

What is a Significant Digit? [12/25/2001]
I came across a question asking for an answer with no more than "2 significant digits" - can you please explain what a significant digit is?

What is a slide rule? [07/27/1997]
What does a slide rule do and how does it work?

What is a Stone? [11/11/2001]
Can you tell me what a stone in English measurement is equal to in pounds?

What is a tessellation? [01/20/1997]
Can you give an example?

What Is a Theorem and Why Are They Important? [08/15/1997]
I don't understand how theorems help us learn.

What is a Torus? [11/30/1999]
Is there a good way to describe a torus to a child?

What is a Vertex? [12/06/2001]
And what does vertices mean?

What is Circumference? [06/25/2001]
My friend told me it's somewhat like the measurement of the outside of a circle, but I don't understand that.

What is Denary? [06/07/1999]
Could you please give me two examples of denary?

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