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Centimeters in a Hand [02/27/2002]
You measure horses in "hands." I need to know how many centimeters are in 1 hand.

Centroid, Circumcenter, Incenter, Orthocenter: Etymologies [01/20/2002]
Why are the points centroid, circumcenter, orthocenter, and incenter named as they are, and are there any other special points associated with triangles?

Circle Definitions [04/29/2002]
Define a circle and its parts: diameter, radius, center, circumference.

Circumference vs. Perimeter [05/09/2003]
Technically speaking, can the term 'perimeter' apply to a circle in a mathematical context?

Clarifying Percentages vs. Percentage Points [11/21/2003]
What is the difference between measuring using percentages versus measuring using percentage points? What is meant by a percentage point?

Clockwise and Counterclockwise [03/19/2001]
What does clockwise mean?

A Closer Look at the Definition of Median [08/14/2008]
If you have five numbers like 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, the median or middle number is 300. How does this divide the set of numbers into two equal groups?

Comparing Transitivity and Substitution [10/01/2003]
What is the difference between transitivity and substitution?

Complementary and Supplementary Angles [09/30/1998]
Why are angles called complementary and supplementary?

Complementary and Supplementary Angles [10/24/1999]
Definitions of complementary and supplementary angles.

Complementary or Supplementary? [04/02/2001]
I keep getting complementary and supplementary mixed up. How can I remember which is which?

Concave and Convex Polygons [08/13/2001]
What's the difference between a convex and a concave polygon?

Concept of Factoring [03/22/1997]
Could you explain the concept of factoring and give examples of its practical uses?

Congruent Fractions [04/03/1997]
What are congruent fractions?

Converting to Bushels [05/18/2002]
How can I convert cubic feet to bushels?

Convex and Concave Polygons [3/23/1996]
What are convex and concave polygons?

Correct Usage of Equal and Equivalent in Math Statements [02/20/2008]
Is there a mathematical difference between "equal" and "equivalent"?

Cubic Centimeter, Cubic Inch [08/26/1997]
Can you help me define these terms?

Cubic Centimeters and Milliliters [10/29/2001]
I know that cubic centimeters and milliliters are the same thing, but is there any way you can prove it to me?

Cute Numbers [08/29/2003]
I have found two definitions of a cute number. Which is correct?

Defining a Square Centimeter [04/09/2002]
Why is the area of a unit square the product of the two sides?

Defining Decimal Numbers [07/01/2004]
An interesting look at how the idea of a 'decimal' number is widely misunderstood and the word itself is used incorrectly.

Defining Multiplication [08/16/2002]
What is the distinction between 3*4 and 4*3?

Defining Numerals, Numbers, and Digits [05/20/2004]
There seems to be a lot of ambiguity about the definitions of the words "numeral", "number", and "digit". It seems like I see them used somewhat interchangeably. What are their proper math definitions?

Defining Probability [4/30/1996]
Is a probability number equal to a percent or a decimal?

Defining "Problem Solving" [07/30/2007]
Is there a clear definition of what "problem solving" means?

Defining Relative Error [03/11/2004]
I've seen "relative error" defined both as "the absolute error divided by the true measurement" and "the greatest possible error divided by the measurement itself." These definitions seem to be inconsistent. Which one is correct?

Defining the Term Oblong [05/15/2000]
Can you give a definition of the term "oblong"?

Definition and Origin of the Word "Radical" [06/22/2005]
I'm curious what the exact definition of "radical" is and also where and when the word originated.

Definition For Cylinder without Big Words [11/03/1998]
I just need a good definition for cylinder that I can understand.

Definition of a Parellelepiped [9/18/1995]
What is a parallelepiped?

A Definition of Clinometer [12/10/1995]
We've been surfing the net to find a definition of 'clinometer' and have been unsuccessful.

Definition of Interpolate [10/27/1995]
Could you please define interpolate and give me an example?

Definition of Mixed Number [11/22/2004]
Is 5 a mixed number? Why or why not? I think it is, because you can write 5 0/3, can't you?

Definition of Negative Square Roots [03/08/2004]
I know that the square root of 49 = 7 since 7 x 7 = 49. But the negative square root of 49 is -7. Is this because (-7) x (-7) also equals 49 or because the square root of 49 is 7 and the negative stays because it is not involved with the operation? My teacher wrote -SQRT(49) = -7 because (-7) x (-7) = 49.

Definition of Opposite Sides [01/18/2001]
What is the formal definition of 'opposite sides' of a polygon? Does a regular pentagon have opposite sides? Does a concave polygon have opposite sides? How can we define it consistent with our intuition?

Definition of Oval [06/09/2002]
Can you give a precise definition of 'oval'?

Definition of Quotient [11/13/2008]
If I divide 15 by 2, I always thought that the quotient was 7 and the remainder was 1. But I've seen that the quotient can also be 15/2. How can quotient have different meanings?

Definition of Repetend [9/17/1995]
What is the definition of repetend? Where can I find its definition on the net?

Definition of 'Solve' [11/29/2005]
In algebra class I was told that a problem such as 2 + 2 cannot be solved. In order to 'solve' a problem there has to be a variable involved. Is this correct?

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