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Selected answers to common questions:
    Negative exponents.
    Scientific notation.

Who Invented the Square Root? [12/11/1996]
I've only seen long, stringy roots!

Why Cubed? [11/27/2001]
Why do we use "cubed" for the volume of a figure?

Working with Negative Exponents [10/21/1995]
Is multiplying by 10 to the negative 3rd power the same as dividing by 10 to the positive 3rd power?

Writing 'Square Foot' [05/05/2001]
Is there a symbol for "square foot"?

Zero and the Commutative Property of Multiplication [04/18/2003]
If we take 0x1, we get 0, and if we take 0x2, we still get 0, for it is still 0+0+0. But if we do it the other way round, why must it still be 0, if any number to the power of 0 = 1?

Zero as an Exponent [6/22/1996]
How do you explain zero as an exponent?

The Zero Power of Two [12/10/1998]
Why is 2 to the 0 power equal to 1? I don't understand how a number can be multiplied by itself zero times.

Zero Significance [10/27/2013]
Confused about the significance of the zeros on either side of a number such as 0.000, a student expresses doubts about manipulating them, and about representing integers in scientific notation. Doctor Peterson clears the air.

Zero to a Negative Exponent [05/06/2001]
Is 0^(-3) equal to 0, or is it undefined? We can't determine whether to use the 0^x = 0 rule, or to interpret it as 1/(0^3).

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