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Factoring just numbers?
Try Middle School Factoring Numbers.

Nonlinear Factors [10/12/1998]
I have been told that factoring the sum of two squared numbers is not possible, but factoring x^4 + 4 is possible. Please explain.

Polynomial Factoring Rules [04/02/1997]
How do I apply the polynomial factoring rules to t^21+1 and 25y^2-144 = 0?

Quadratic Roots [4/11/1996]
I need to know why a quadratic equation cannot have one irrational or one imaginary root.

Reducing Algebraic Fractions by Cancelling [03/16/2004]
When reducing fractions, how come you can cancel factors but you can't cancel terms? Can you please explain, hopefully with examples too?

Reducing Polynomials to Lowest Terms [11/18/2002]
How do I reduce the following: [(x^3+x)/5] [(5x-5)/(x^3-x)] ?

Roots of an Equation [4/16/1996]
We can factor our equation to (3x+2)(2X-1) but we're not sure what to do now to solve it to two numbers.

Roots of the Quadratic Equation [4/10/1996]
Would you explain to me why a quadratic equation cannot have one irrational or one imaginary root.

Simplifiying Rational Expressions [11/29/2004]
How do I simplify an expression like this?
    x + 2          x
  -------- - -------------
  x^2 - 36   x^2 + 9x + 18

Solve by Factoring [3/13/1995]
We are doing a section on Solving Equations by Factoring. Could you help me with 3w^2 + 40w - 25 = 20 - 2w^2 ?

Solving a Perfect Square Trinomial [05/11/1998]
How do I factor this kind of problem: m^2 - 4m + 4 - n^2 + 6n - 9?

The Steps of Factoring [08/08/1998]
I'm having trouble factoring y^2 - 14y + 24. The problem says to write factors of the first term, the signs of the terms, ....

Three Factoring Techniques for Quadratic Polynomials [02/21/2008]
How can I factor 40x^2 + 31x + 6? I have trouble when the first number is something big, like 40.

Trinomials Squares of Binomials [04/10/2003]
Is the trinomial x squared -2x + 1 the square of a binomial?

'Un Distributing' Polynomials [01/11/2003]
How can you factor: y^4 + 14y^2 + 49 - x^2 ?

Visual Representation of (a+b)(a-b) [03/22/2003]
Is there a way to model (a+b) * (a-b)?

Why Factor? [08/18/2001]
I've been explained the how's, the where's, the what's, but not the WHY. What is the practical use of factoring?

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