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Frequency of Digits in Pi [04/05/2001]
What digit occurs least frequently in pi?

History of Calculating Pi [05/20/1998]
How have the formulas for pi evolved throughout mathematical history?

How can Pi be Irrational? [11/1/1995]
How can pi be irrational if it is defined as the ratio of two rational numbers?

How Pi Was Derived and Relates to Area of a Circle [03/04/1998]
Using inscribed and circumscribed polygons to derive Pi and circle area.

Irrationality of Pi [01/09/1998]
Is C/d = a rational number if actually measured?

Is Pi a Constant in Non-Euclidean Geometry? [06/26/1998]
What if the circle is stretched across a curved surface?

Is Pi Infinite? [01/29/1998]
How can we know that pi is infinite? Does it ever turn into a pattern of zeros and ones, like a computer code?

Is pi Squared Rational or Irrational? [01/07/2011]
Doctor Ali provides a proof by contradiction.

Leaving Answers in Terms of Pi [12/11/2006]
My teacher says it's okay to leave an answer like 600pi, but I think it should be multiplied out as 600(3.14) = 1884 or you haven't finished the problem. What do you think?

Locating Pi on a Number Line [08/23/2000]
How can I locate pi on a number line? What number for pi should I use? Should I just use 3.14, or should I go farther?

Ludolph van Ceulen and Pi [11/02/1998]
How did Ludolph van Ceulen estimate pi by inscribing and circumscribing a circle with squares?

Method to Find Square Root of Pi [03/30/1997]
How do I calculate the square root of Pi?

Modeling Pi [01/27/2003]
How can pi, which is irrational, be drawn on the real number line?

More Digits of Pi [9/7/1996]
How do I get more digits of pi than 3.1415...?

Pi and the Egyptians [05/17/1999]
What is the value for pi in decimals were the Egyptians using?

Pi: Exact Number vs. Unending Representation [09/15/2004]
If pi is a number that doesn't end how is it that pi is an exact number on the number line?

Pi in the Bible [03/08/1999]
Are there any references to pi in the Bible?

Pi to Many Places [11/27/1994]
Can you and your group of math professors tell me what "Pi" is out to 200 places? And if that isn't too hard maybe you can tell me what it is out to 300 places.

Program for Pi [6/21/1995]
Do you know of a program for the Mac that continually generates the digits of pi?

A Program to Compute Pi [06/09/1999]
Can you tell me a good algorithm to calculate pi? I want to calculate pi as exactly as possible with more than 1000 figures.

Proving Pi and Buffon's Needle [10/19/1997]
What experiment can I do to prove pi using both mathmatics and science?

Proving Pi is Irrational [01/06/1999]
How do you know that pi never repeats? How would you show that it is irrational?

Radians [9/2/1996]
Why do pi radians = 180 degrees?

Ramanujan and a Formula for 1/Pi [04/06/1998]
Who is the man who knew infinity?

Remembering Pi [08/27/2001]
Is there an easy way of finding Pi? I know 22/7, but that is off by 0.00126. Why did I learn in fifth grade that pi was 3.14285714?

Rounded Fraction of Pi [10/10/2001]
I want to find about 20 digits into pi. What would the fraction (division problem) be for that?

Rounding Pi [06/01/1999]
Can you prove that the value of Pi cannot be rounded down to 3.0? Is there an error in the Bible?

Ten Facts about Pi [09/15/2002]
I'm supposed to research 10 facts about pi.

Using Pi in Calculations and the Significance of the Decimals [12/18/2007]
Why does 900 times pi give a different answer than 900 times 3.14?

Using Sine and Tangent to Find Pi [08/01/1998]
How can I determine the sine or tangent of an angle without using a calculator?

What if Pi were a Repeating Number? [2/5/1996]
I realize that Pi is a transcendental number. Would it be a big deal if Pi were eventually found to be a repeating number? If so, why? Would it change the way we compute circles, etc.?

What is Pi? [11/9/1995]
A quick definition of pi.

What is Pi? [4/1/1996]
What is the significance of pi?

What is the difference between these two Pi formulas? [01/30/2001]
To find the circumference of a circle, I know how to use Pi*Diameter and 2*Pi*R, but people have told me about Pi*R*squared. What is that?

Where Does Pi Come From? [11/04/1996]
If pi is a ratio of lengths that can be measured only so accurately, how can we know the value of pi so exactly?

Why Is a Circle 360 Degrees? [07/01/1998]
Why is a circle defined as 360 degrees?

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