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Word Problems

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Selected answers to common questions:
    Mixture problems.

How Many Freshmen Originally Tried Out? [01/15/2003]
Some freshmen were trying out for the school track team... The 10 who remained became the track team.

How Many Men, Women, and Children at the Circus? [10/18/2000]
A circus performance is witnessed by 120 people who have paid $120. The men paid $5, the women $2, and the children $.10 each. How many of each went to the circus? A solution without algebra.

How Many Mice, Cats, and Dogs? [01/13/2003]
You must spend $100 to buy 100 pets, choosing at least one of each pet. The pets and their prices are: mice @ $0.25 each, cats @ $1.00 each, and dogs @ $15.00 each. How many mice, cats, and dogs must you buy?

How Many of Each Ticket Were Sold? [09/06/2001]
Five hundred tickets were sold for a play, for $8 at the lower level and $6 at the upper level, totaling $3600.

How Many Oxen Can Be Fed? [6/28/1996]
We have three pastures with grass of identical height, density, and growth rate...

How Many Pads of Paper? [10/30/2001]
A merchant marked some pads of paper down from $2.00 and sold the entire lot. If the gross profit from the sale was $603.77, how many pads did he sell?

How Many Pages? [10/04/1997]
A printer uses 837 digits to number the pages of a book. How many pages are there in the book?

How Many Pencils? [09/05/2001]
How many pencils does Al have if all of them are blue except 2, all of them are yellow except 2, and all of them are red except 2?

How Many People Went on the Cruise? [12/03/2001]
At the end of a special cruise, the employees could not remember the total number of people who were on board. However, they had the following data from the passenger list: 520 European females...

How Many Seats? [01/15/2003]
There are 40 rows in an auditorium. Each has two more seats than the previous row. There are 1960 seats in all. How many seats are in the first row of the auditorium?

How Many Steps on the Escalator? [7/1/1996]
A famous mathematician who is always in a hurry walks up an up-going escalator at the rate of one step per second. Twenty steps bring him to the top...

How Many Stickers...? [8/25/1996]
James has twice as many stickers as John, who has twice as many stickers as Pete....

How Many Trains Meet? [09/17/2001]
Every hour, on the hour, a train leaves Tallahassee for Jacksonville, while another train leaves Jacksonville for Tallahassee. The trip between the two cities takes exactly two hours. How many trains going in the opposite direction will a Tallahassee train to Jacksonville meet?

How Many Valentines? [02/10/2003]
If everyone in your class gave a Valentine to everyone else in your class, how many valentines would be exchanged?

How Much did the Tree Grow? [11/07/2001]
A white pine was 16 m tall in 1962. It was 20 m tall in 1965. It is now 34 m tall. How much has it grown since 1962?

How Much Does the Youngest Boy Get? [05/25/2000]
Five brothers, each born in a different year, share a gift of $100...

How Much Money Entering the First Store? [09/26/2002]
Timothy spent all of his money at five stores. At each store, he spent $1 more than half of the amount he had when entering the store. How much money did he have when he entered the first store?

How Much Popcorn did Paul Sell? [01/28/2002]
Paul made $44.14 selling 27 items (beer and popcorn). If he made $1.22 selling popcorn and $2.62 selling beer, how many boxes of popcorn were sold?

How Much to Add? [01/16/1998]
Tonya must add to a mixture enough of a substance to make the whole weigh 2.5 grams - how much should she add?

How Much Water Evaporated? [06/19/2003]
A substance is 99% water. Some water evaporates, leaving a substance that is 98% water. How much of the water evaporated?

How Old Are John and Julia? [05/17/2001]
Julia is as old as John will be when Julia is twice as old as John was when Julia's age was half the sum of their present ages. John is as old as Julia was when John was half the age he will be 10 years from now. How old are John and Julia?

How Old at $4,000? [10/15/2002]
Aunt Isabella gives each niece and nephew $10 on his or her first birthday, and on each birthday thereafter the children get $20.00 more than on the birthday before. How old will a child be when he or she receives a total of $4,000.00?

How Old Did This Man Live to Be? [02/23/1998]
A word problem involving fractions.

How Old in 1900? [11/09/2002]
In 1930, a correspondent proposed the following question: A man's age at death was one twenty-ninth of the year of his birth. How old was the man in 1900?

How Old is Korinth? [09/09/1997]
Korinth is twice as old as Marin was when Korinth was as old as Marin is now. Marin is 18.

How to Interpret "Increase" in Word Problems [10/19/2004]
How do I increase 3.7 by 1/10?

How Wide is the River? [7/2/1996]
Two ferryboats ply back and forth across a river with constant but different speeds...

A Hundred Total of Three Varieties — for a Total Price of Exactly a Hundred [10/21/2015]
What combination of all three types of livestock can you buy for exactly 100 euros that gives you exactly 100 animals? By bringing integer solutions and relative primality to bear, Doctor Ali picks up where a student left off.

The Importance of Defining Variables Clearly in Algebra [11/01/2007]
A sample of dimes and quarters totals $18.00. If there are 111 coins in all, how many are there of each coin?

Inconsistent System of Equations? Look Closer! [11/17/2004]
When Alexis, Chelsea, and Kammi had lunch together, Alexis spent $1.60 for two small hamburgers, a drink and one order of fries. Chelsea's two orders of fries, two drinks and one small burger cost $1.40 altogether. How much does Kammi owe for a small burger, one order of fries and one drink?

Increase in Chicken Consumption [8/29/1996]
In 1984 the average American ate 55.7 lbs. of chicken. This was 2.8 lbs. more than the average in 1982. What was the percent of increase in chicken consumption?

Increasing the Average [02/25/2001]
Five members of a basketball team are weighed and an average weight is recalculated after each weighing. If the average increases 2 pounds each time, how much heavier is the last player than the first?

Inequalities: Add or Subtract? [10/21/2001]
Sometimes, when doing inequalities problems, I have to add or subtract one from the answer I have calculated. I don't understand when to add, subtract, or do nothing at all.

Integer problem [11/30/1994]
Find the largest possible 2 integers such that the larger integer is more than 3 less than 3 times the smaller one.

Interpreting "Less" and "Less Than" in Word Problems [10/18/2004]
Find all numbers such that 9 less than the product of the number and -4 is less than 7.

Introduction to Linear and Exponential Growth [11/04/2003]
A population of beetles increases from 5 to 15 after one month. How many beetles will there be after 4 months if the population is increasing linearly? What if it's increasing exponentially?

Is Henry Guilty? (Geometry Puzzle) [6/10/1996]
In Hughmoar County, residents shall be allowed to build a straight road between two homes as long as the new road is not perpendicular to any existing county road...

Isolating Groceries from Total Expenses, and Problems from Paragraphs [09/03/2011]
Given functions in a word problem, an adult student doesn't know how to begin subtracting one from the other. Before clarifying her use of variables, Doctor Peterson suggests reading through the problem strategically, to distill it down to just algebraic statements.

Jack Climbing the Beanstalk [6/29/1996]
Jack climbed up the beanstalk at a uniform rate. At 2 P.M. he was one- sixth the way up and at 4 P.M. he was three fourths the way up...

Jeep [04/07/1997]
A jeep can carry 200 liters of gasoline and can drive 2.5 km/l. You want to travel 1000 km...

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