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Absolute Value

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Absolute Value, a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives.

Inequalities and Absolute Value
What's the definition of absolute value?

Absolute Value: Magnitude of a Number
Where is absolute value used in people's work?

Practical Applications of Absolute Value
My 8th grade students have asked why we need absolute values.

Absolute Value Sign
I understand how an absolute value works but when combined with order of operation and signs I get confused.

Absolute Value Equations
What is the answer to 'the absolute value of x-3 + the absolute value of 3-x = 12' ?

Solving Inequalities with Absolute Values
Can you explain two different ways to solve inequalities with absolute values?

Solving Linear Inequalities with Absolute Values
Finding neighborhoods on the number line to solve 3 <= |x + 2| < 8.

Inequalities and Absolute Value - Case Method
What is the case method? How does it apply to inequalities with absolute values?

Absolute Value (Real Numbers: Rational)
Find the solutions of |1/(x-2)| >= 4.

Absolute Value As Statement about Distance
|x|+|x+2|+|x-4| < 5.

Absolute Value: Two Methods
Solve for x: |x+3| < |x-2|

Absolute Value: Consider Two Cases
Could you please explain |7+3a| = 11-a ?

Inequality with Absolute Value: What Does |x| Mean?
Why can't I just write the inequality |x| > a as (-a) > x > a?

Absolute Value and the Distributive Property
Is the distributive property applicable to absolute value?

Find the Path and the Time Taken
A man wants to cross a river 500m wide. His rowing speed relative to the water is 3000 m/hr. The river flows at a speed of 1200 m/hr...

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