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Area of an Irregular Shape

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Area of an Irregular Shape, a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives.

Area of an L
How do you find the area of an 'L' shaped object?

Area of an Irregular Polygon
Given the measures of the angles and sides of an irregular polygon, how do you find its area?

If You Know Perimeter, Can You Find Area?
Can one determine the acreage of an irregularly shaped field if only the distance around the edge of the field (in feet) is known?

Area of an Irregular Polygon Given Side Length
What is the area of an irregular quadrilateral with side lengths in a clockwise order of 43.61, 133.64, 146.96, and 110.85?

Determining Area of a Lot of Land
We are trying to figure out the square footage for a lot that I own.

Surveyor's Formula
Can you give me a method to calculate the area of an irregular polygon given all the coordinates of the points?

Area of Quadrilateral, Given Angles and Two Opposite Sides
If I have a quadrilateral with all the angles known and two opposite sides known, can I find the area?

Area of an Irregular Polygon
How can I find the area of an irregular polygon? What about a polygon made out of rectangles?

Carpeting an Irregular Hexagon
My office is an irregular hexagon. Is there a way to determine the area of the office, given only the lengths of the sides and the angles of each of the six corners?

Find the Area of the Quadrilateral
Find the area of an irregular quadrilateral formed by the given intersection of two squares.

Copies of U.S. on Surface of Earth
I need to determine the number of identical copies of the continental United States that would fit on the surface of the Earth.

Pick's Formula
What is Pick's Formula?

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