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Classifying Numbers

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Classifying Numbers, a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives.

Integers, Rational & Irrational Numbers - Dr. Math FAQ
What is an integer? Are fractions rational numbers? What about .9999...? How about decimals? Pi? The Golden Ratio?

Venn Diagram of Our Number System
I don't know how to include complex numbers that consist of a real part and an imaginary part. Can you please diagram this for me?

Types of Numbers
How are the different types of numbers related? For example, what about counting, whole, rational, irrational, integers, prime, ... ?

How do integers and whole numbers, rational numbers, transcendental numbers, and counting numbers relate to each other?

Real and Other Numbers
What is a real number? What are the different kinds of real numbers? Are there any more numbers besides real numbers?

Classifying Numbers
Can you tell me about complex numbers, real and imaginary numbers, rational/irrational numbers?

Diagram for Math Numbers
My daughter is doing a tree diagram using terms related to math "numbers." Could you please explain in lay terms what surds are?

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