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Monkeys Dividing Coconuts

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Monkeys Dividing Coconuts, a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives.

Coconut Piles
What is the least number of coconuts they could have started with?

Coconut and Monkey Puzzle
How many coconuts were in the original pile?

Monkeys, Coconuts, and Seven Piles
Seven monkeys spend the day gathering coconuts. As night falls, they gather all the coconuts into one pile and agree to divide them up evenly in the morning. At 12:00pm one monkey gets up and divides the pile of coconuts into seven piles with one left over...

Monkeys Dividing the Coconut Pile
A monkey divides a pile of coconuts into three, tosses the extra one, and takes his share...

More Monkeys and Nuts
How can I solve this variation on the monkeys and the nuts puzzle?

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