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Coin Flipping, a selection of some of the answers to problems of this kind in the Dr. Math archives:

Probability in Flipping Coins
Six pennies are flipped. What is the probability of getting two heads and four tails?

Coin Flipping
How can I figure out the chances of flipping a coin five times with the result T,T,T,H,H?

Toss a Coin Six Times
Suppose a coin is tossed 6 times - what is the probability that 3 heads will occur...?

Getting Two Heads in Four Tosses of a Coin
What is the probability of getting two heads on four flips of an unbiased coin?

Ten Coin Flips, Four Heads
If you flip a coin ten times, what is the probability of getting at least four heads?

Tossing a Coin and Rolling a Die
If you toss a coin and roll a die, what is the probability of obtaining: a) heads and a five b) heads or a five c) tails or a two?

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