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Domain and Range of a Function

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Domain and Range of a Function, a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives.

Domain and Range
Can you please explain about domain and range?

Domain and Range of Functions
I am learning in school about the domain and range of functions. Why are they called domain and range? And where did they come from?

Finding the Domain of a Function
How do you find the domain of this function: f(x) = (4+x)/(x^2-9)?

Finding The Domain and Range of a Function
How do I find the domain and range of a function? My problem is f(x) = x squared -2.

How to Find the Range of a Function
How do you find the range of a function like g(x) = (x+1)/(x^2-1)?

Domain, Range, and Asymptote
How do you find the domain, range, and asymptote of a function?

If f(x) = x-3/x+3, I know the domain to be all Reals except for -3. The range, however, is all Reals except for 1. I don't know how they get the 1 algebraically.

Range and Domain of a Graph
Determine the domain and range of the graph of "f" that starts at (- 2,3), goes down to (0,0), and ends at (3,4).

Range of a Function
Describe the range of the function g(x) = e^(-2x).

Natural Domain of a Function
Some inputs don't make sense for some functions.

Functions: Domain, Range, and Piecewise
What are piecewise functions? What are open and closed points? How do you figure out the domain and range of a function without graphing it on a calculator?

Domain and Range of x^x
What is the domain and range of x^x?

Domain and Range of an Inverse Function
Why is the domain of a function equal to the range of the inverse function?

Domain, Asymptotes, Intercepts of a Function
What is the domain of this function? What asymptotes does it have? What are the x and y intercepts? Etc...

Domain of a Composite Function
I don't completely understand how to find the domain of a composite function. Could you please explain it?

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