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Three Common Graphs

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    Three Common Graphs

    Bar Graph

    You can find out about bar graphs and experiment with making them yourself at the Create a Graph site from NCES. Select 'bar graph' from the menu and the page will take you to an explanation of a Bar Graph where you can experiment with creating your own.


    There's a description of a Histogram in the Dr. Math archives.

    Here's an illustration on the Web from the U.S. census: Cigarette smokers in 1992

    This histogram applet showing the duration (in minutes) for eruptions of the Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park is fun to play with to see how the width of the blocks you draw affects the graph: Histogram Applet - R. Webster West


    A pictograph or pictogram can be a bar chart that uses pictures to replace the bars and illustrate the data. See the Pictograph Bar Chart from Visual Mining, Inc.

    This Web page by Suzanne Alejandre tells how to make a pictogram and shows the result toward the bottom of the page: How To Change Graphics in a Pictogram - Suzanne Alejandre

    For more about all kinds of graphs, see Rex Boggs' site, Exploring Data.

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