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Ratio, a selection of answers to questions about ratios from the Dr. Math archives.

Rate vs. Ratio
What is a rate? What is a ratio? Are all rates ratios, and are all ratios rates?

What Is a Ratio?
I need to know what a ratio is and how to do it.

Definition of Ratio
How is 'ratio' defined by mathematicians?

Ratios: Second Number
What does the second number in a ratio stand for?

Figuring Ratios
How do you figure the ratio of something?

Finding and Working with Ratios
What is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its radius? A snail can move i inches in m minutes. How many feet can it move in h hours?

Find the Ratio: 0.0625 : 0.09375
Please help me find the ratio of 0.0625 : 0.09375 and tell me how to do it.

Ratio of Apples to Pears to Oranges
If the ratio of apples to pears to oranges is 7:8:10, how many pears are there if the total number of fruits is 500?

Ratio and Proportion: Beaches and Hawks
On a map, the scale states that 3 inches represent 125 miles. Two beaches are 5.2 inches apart. How far apart are they in miles?

Height/Weight Ratio
You have a friend who weighs 155 pounds, but is only 5 feet 4 inches tall. What is the height-to-weight ratio of your pal?

Cost of Cleaning a Building
If I clean a 3200 square foot building five nights per week for a sum of $575.00 per month, what is the cost per square foot?

Solving a Ratio with and without a Diagram
In an auditorium, the ratio of the number of girls to the number of boys was 5:9. When 203 girls entered the auditorium, the new ratio of the number of girls to the number of boys became 4:3. How many pupils were in the auditorium at first?

Ratios as Fractions
How do you put ratios into simplest form?

Converting Ratios to Percentages
How do I convert 1:200 to a percentage?

Comparing Ratios and Fractions
What are the differences between ratios and fractions?

Writing Ratios
How can I write a ratio in three different ways?

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