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Reading a Protractor or a Ruler

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Reading a Protractor or a Ruler, a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives.

Using a Protractor:

Measuring Angles with a Protractor
I want to know how to measure acute, reflex and obtuse angles with a protractor.

How do I measure angles using a protractor?
How do I measure angles using a protractor?

Reading a Ruler:

Reading a Ruler
I need to read a ruler, and I can't. Can you help me?

Reading a Ruler II
What do the little lines on a ruler stand for?

Finding Fractions on a Ruler
How can I find measurements like 7/8" or 5/16" on a ruler?

Metric and Standard Rulers
In the United States we only use a customary (standard) ruler, and in other parts of the world they use the metric side. Why do we just use the standard side?

Teaching the Metric System
How can I teach my second grader about the metric system? I have no idea how to read a metric ruler or how to convert inches into the metric system or vice versa.

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