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Tournament Scheduling

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Tournament Scheduling, a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives.

Round Robin Tournament Schedule
Is there a systematic way to come up with a schedule for a round robin tournament for up to 32 teams, where each team plays every other team once?

Hockey League Tournament Schedule
Can you help me construct a schedule for a round robin style junior hockey tournament with two divisions (one of 6 teams, one of 10), using only four fields?

How Many Games in the Tournament?
There are eight teams in a single-elimination tournament. Each team gets to play until it loses. How many games will be played in the tournament?

Darts Tournament with Eight Players
There are eight players in a darts tournament. Each player plays one game against each of the other players. How many dart games will be played in the tournament?

Determining the Winner of a Tennis Match
How many matches will it take to determine the champion in a tennis tournament that started with 89 players?

How Many Balls Would Be Used?
Consider a knock-out tournament, say tennis or ping-pong, with n participants. The winner of any game goes on to the next round and the loser retires... How many balls have been used in the tournament?

NCAA Tournament Possibilities
In an NCAA Tournament office pool where you fill out the brackets by selecting the team you think will win each game, how many possible combinations are there?

Predicting NCAA Tournament Winners
What are the odds of one person predicting the winners of all 63 games in the NCAA Basketball Tournament?

Dinner Triplets
A woman has 15 friends. For 35 days she wants to have dinner with 3 friends a day, arranging it so that each pair of friends will come only once. Is this possible?

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