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Measuring with Two Containers

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Measuring with Two Containers, a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives.

Using 3C and 5C Pails to get 4 Cups
Get exactly 4 cups of water using a 5-cup pail and a 3-cup pail.

4- and 9-liter Pails: How to Measure 7 Liters
How can you measure 7 liters using only 4-liter and 9-liter pails? A strategy for solving this kind of problem.

Six Quarts of Water, 2 Containers
How can you measure 6 quarts of water with only 4-qt. and 9-qt. pails?

The Three Canteens
You have only one 14-cup canteen full of water, and two empty canteens that will hold nine and five cups respectively...

Jack & Jill Mind Teaser
If Jack had a 5 gal. bucket and Jill had 3 gal. bucket, and they each carried an equal amount to fill an 8 gal. bucket, how was this accomplished?

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