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Unit Conversions, Unit Cancellation

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Unit Conversions, Unit Cancellation, a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives. Using fractions to figure out unit conversion problems.

Metric and Unit Conversions
How many feet/second is 60 miles/hour?

Unit Conversions
A good tip for most unit conversions.

Unit Conversions: mph to fps
How can I find out how many feet per second I could travel driving 55 miles per hour?

Time, Speed, Distance, and Unit Conversion
If a car moves at 44 mph for 50 minutes, how many kilometers does it travel?

Setting Up Proportions and Unit Conversions
If you can run 100 meters in 10 seconds, how long, in days, hours, and minutes, does it take you to run 12,800,000 meters?

Problems on Rates and Unit Conversions
Can you help me with problems on rates and unit conversions?

Unit Conversions - Metric System
Convert: 3.25 cm to millimeters, 9.24 km to meters, 1,000 mi to kilometers.

Administering Insulin
If a doctor prescribes 30 units of insulin in 500 ml to be administered over 2 hours, how many drops per minute should be administered if the set is calibrated to deliver 20 drops per ml?

What is Dimensional Analysis?
What is dimensional analysis and how does it work?

Dimensional Analysis and Unit Conversions
Using dimensional analysis, convert 8 feet/second to kilometers/hour.

Dimensional Analysis and Temperature Conversion
I understand that you can use cross multiplication to find how many centimeters equal a certain number of inches, but I get confused when I try to apply the same logic when converting from Celsius to Farenheit.

Dimensional Analysis
Mr. R wants to give all of his chemistry students enough chocolate to make them goofy for the rest of the day...

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