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Venn Diagrams, a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives.

What is a Venn Diagram?
What is a Venn Diagram? What is its use, definition, and what does it look like?

John Venn and Venn Diagrams
Can you give me some information on John Venn and the origin of Venn diagrams?

How Many are in the Group?
Everyone in the group had been to at least one of the parks...

Venn Diagram of Our Number System
I don't know how to include complex numbers that consist of a real part and an imaginary part. Can you please diagram this for me?

Venn Diagram of Natural Numbers
How can I construct a Venn diagram comparing the numbers 1 through 100 in these 4 areas: odd, even, composite and prime?

Venn Diagram to Classify Quadrilaterals
I am looking for a Venn diagram that will accurately display the relation among trapezoids, parallelograms, kites, rhombi, rectangles, and squares.

Venn Diagram: Goops, Gorps, Gorgs
Every Goop is a Gorp. Half of all Gorgs are Gorps. Half of all Gorps are Goops. There are 40 Gorgs and 30 Goops. No Gorg is a Goop. How many Gorps are neither Goops nor Gorgs?

Derfs and Enajs: Algebra and Venn Diagrams
All Derfs are Enajs. One-third of all Enajs are Derfs. Half of all Sivads are Enajs. One Sivad is a Derf. Eight Sivads are Enajs. The number of Enjas is 90. How many Enajs are neither Derfs nor Sivads?

Are They Wearing Seatbelts?
80 percent of all California drivers wear seat belts. If 4 drivers are pulled over, what is the probability that all 4 will be wearing their seatbelts?

Diagram for Math Numbers
My daughter is doing a tree diagram using terms related to math "numbers." Could you please explain in lay terms what surds are?

Unknown Numbers and a Venn Diagram
The GCF of two numbers is 20 and the LCM is 840. One of the numbers is 120. Explain how to find the other number and use the Venn diagram method to illustrate.

Venn Diagram - Fast Food Restaurants
From a list of how many restaurants serve what kinds of food, deduce the total number of restaurants.

Venn Diagram: Two Possibilities
The science club advisor asked club members what science courses they liked. Eighteen members said they liked physics, 17 liked chemistry, and 10 liked biology. However, of these, 9 liked physics and chemistry, 4 liked biology and chemistry, 2 liked physics and biology, and 2 liked all three. How many science club members were interviewed?

Venn Diagram - Choose One of Three Options
Members of a computer class choose at least one of three options. How many are taking just one? ... Use a Venn diagram.

Five-Set Venn Diagram?
What does a five-set Venn diagram look like?

Stirling Numbers
Can you show how to evaluate Stirling Numbers of the first and second kinds?

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