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Weighted Averages

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Weighted Averages, a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives.

Weighted Averages
Can you explain the concept of weighted averages, with examples?

Averaging Averages
How can I average the results of a survey sent to 5 different departments if I only have averages from each department?

Examples of Weighted Averages
Can you tell me what is meant by "weighted average," and give me some examples of when and how weighted averages are used?

Taking a Weighted Average
I can't figure out the best way to get the average operating hours for the truck fleet.

Calculating a Grade Average
How can I figure out my average if some things are worth more than others?

Calculating a Weighted Average Grade
What is the grade if the following make up the final grade: 45% = 3 tests (85, 78, 92), 25% = final (94), 15% = project (91.9), 15% = 3 case questions each worth 25 points (25, 25, 23.5)?

Explaining Weighted Averages
Can you please give me a layperson's explanation of why and how to use a weighted average?

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