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Reverse Polish Notation

Date: 1/22/96 at 22:28:30
From: Anonymous
Subject: Postfix Notation - Inventor

Who invented PostFix notation, i.e. Reverse Polish Notation?
Why is it called Reverse Polish Notation?

	Two HP48 owners

Date: 6/19/96 at 14:36:13
From: Doctor Mike
Subject: Re: Postfix Notation - Inventor

Hello HP48 owners,

Polish Notation was created by the Polish mathematician Jan 
Lukasiewicz (Wu-ka-SHAVE-itch).  It was first used for Logic to 
eliminate the need for parentheses within expressions like ((A and 
B) or C).  There is an obvious parallel with numerical expressions 
like ((A + B) - C). The original(prefix) Polish Notation for this 
is -+ABC and it is AB+C- in (postfix) Reverse Polish Notation.
A textbook on Logic (e.g., Copi or Prior) will explain this in 
more detail, or you can look at the on-line Museum of HP 
calculators at the following URL address:     

NOTE that the character before the dgh is the tilde symbol. 
Follow the Index link and select RPN links.
I hope this helps. 

-Doctor Mike,  The Math Forum

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