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Computer Software for Writing Math Problems

Date: 05/12/2000 at 23:50:19
From: Rajeev Jain
Subject: How to Write Mathematical Problems on a Computer

I want to write mathematical problems on computers, but find it 
difficult in MS Word. Please inform whether there is specialized 
software to write mathematics, which incorporates all symbols, etc.

Rajeev Jain

Date: 05/15/2000 at 11:26:29
From: Doctor TWE
Subject: Re: How to Write Mathematical Problems on a Computer

Hi Rajeev - thanks for writing to Dr. Math.

Microsoft Word has a tool called Microsoft Equation or Microsoft 
Equation Editor (In Word 97 for Windows it's Microsoft Equation 3.0.) 
This allows you to create mathematical equations the way they'd appear 
in textbooks or other professional publications. 

If you leave the document in Word format, you can edit the equation in 
future sessions. If you convert the document to other formats - html, 
for example - it will convert the equation to a graphic in .gif 
format. To use the equation editor, put the cursor where you want the 
equation to appear (it can be in-line or as a separate paragraph) and 
in Windows, select the menu items [Insert]-[Object...]-[Microsoft 
Equation 3.0]. Its use is fairly straightforward, but you can get help 
from the [Help] menu if necessary.

There are also many stand-alone equation editors, both full-featured 
professional versions and inexpensive/freeware personal versions. To 
find information about these, type "equation editor" (without the 
quotes) in any Internet search engine.

If you want to type plain-text - or ASCII - equations (in e-mail, 
for example), check out our page on typing math at:   

and Karl Hahn's Math Notation via Email Web page at:   

I hope this helps. If you have any more questions, write back.

- Doctor TWE, The Math Forum   
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