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Peter Lax

Date: 1/31/96 at 20:20:53
From: Anonymous
Subject: Research on Peter Lax, Mathematician

I am researching Peter Lax for a math project.  Do you know of any 
web sites that I could find information about him?  I have looked 
through encyclopedias, surfed the Internet, and visited the 
library.  I only have one resource that my math teacher let me 
borrow.  I know he's a math professor at NYU and his fields are 
differential equations and numerical analysis.  Can you help me 
since my time is running out?

Date: 2/1/96 at 4:59:54
From: Doctor Sarah
Subject: Re: Research on Peter Lax, Mathematician

Hello -

Here's a site with some information about Peter Lax:   

To find more, try using the Alta Vista searcher -   

and searching for "Peter Lax" - keep the quotation marks.

Happy surfing - there are a lot of pages on Lax.

-Doctor Sarah,  The Math Forum

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