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Lenore Blum

Date: 04/21/97 at 08:19:39
From: Nicole Borsenik
Subject: Lenore Blum

I need to get some information on Lenore Blum.  I have looked 
everywhere at my school and public libraries.  I need to know what she 
has done and why she's famous.

Date: 04/21/97 at 14:23:03
From: Doctor Rob
Subject: Re: Lenore Blum

I looked in the Combined Membership List of the American Mathematical 
Society on-line, and found:

Blum, Lenore
Deputy Director
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
700 Euclid Ave., Berkeley, CA 94708-1334
Office phone: 510-643-8321
E-mail address:

If you want to find out what mathematical papers she wrote, look at 
the URL:   

There you can search for papers by "Blum, L." and find what she has 
written.  That may not help you discover the significance of it, but 
it is a start.

-Doctor Rob,  The Math Forum
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Date: 04/26/97 at 22:33:52
From: Doctor Sarah
Subject: Re: Lenore Blum

Hi Nicole -

The Agnes Scott College Web site on women mathematicians is a great 
site which you can find at:   

Lenore Blum's biography is at:   

Here's some of what it says - but you'll want to read it all:

"... She was one of the first members of the Association for Women in 
Mathematics, of which she was later president. In 1973 she was hired 
at Mills College to teach an algebra class - an experience that she 
was not satisfied with, and that she was determined to change to make 
more interesting and more enjoyable for both instructor and student. 
She founded the Mills College Math and Computer Science department,
serving as its head for 13 years. 

In the 1980's she decided to become a full-time research 
mathematician, a decision which has paid off for her, as proven by the 
numerous talks she has given at international conferences for 
mathematicians, including a presentation of her work at the 1990 
International Congress of Mathematicians in Kyoto, Japan. 

Since 1988 Blum has been a research scientist in the Theory Group of 
the International Computer Science Institute, and since 1989, an 
adjunct professor of computer science at Berkeley. She served as vice 
president of the American Mathematical Society from 1990 to 1992. It 
was in 1992 that she began her current position as the Deputy Director 
of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) at Berkeley,
where she continues to strive towards eliminating negative math stigma 
for girls and making closer the worlds of mathematicians and math 
educators in such pursuits. 

Blum has been widely recognized as a champion for women and
girls in mathematics...."

-Doctor Sarah,  The Math Forum
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