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Numeral Systems and Representing Numbers

Date: 10/30/98 at 14:14:19
From: Sean Widra
Subject: The Number 8

Dear Dr. Math:

I have a math project. I have to research the number 8. I have to show 
how it is written in different ways. I found the number written in 
different languages, and how people would count on their fingers. Other 
than 8 and VIII how else is it written?   

I also need to know the origin of 8. I am trying to find sites on 
numerology. My math project is to create a poster with the number 8 
shown in as many ways as possible, and to write a paper showing how I 
researched it. Any help you give would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,  

Date: 10/30/98 at 18:25:02
From: Doctor Rick
Subject: Re: The Number 8

Hi, Sean. I have some Web pages to show you. I can really get into 
this topic!

This page shows how the Babylonians wrote numbers. It doesn't really 
get interesting until you get above 60, or at least above 10.   

This page shows Egyptian mathematics:   

Here is a page about the Mayan numeral system. See if you notice a
similarity between their 8 and the Roman 8:   

The Greeks used letters to represent digits. Their 8 was the same as 
their letter eta, which looks like our letter H. In Hebrew the same 
method was used. You can find the Hebrew letter that stood for 8 here:   

Our symbol for 8 came from India by way of the Arabs. Here is a page 
that shows the early Indian numerals and the present-day Arabic 
numerals, along with other versions in between:   

Have fun with your project! Let me know if you find any other numeral

- Doctor Rick, The Math Forum   
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