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Adding Square Roots

Date: 10/31/95 at 18:46:16
From: Anonymous
Subject: Help in math so I can teach...

3 Radical 81 + 2 Radical 25 = ?

	I am stuck on the whole thing. I don't understand how to add them.
	Could you e-mail me about adding the two together?  Thanks. 

			THANKS Lost in adding square roots......

Date: 10/31/95 at 19:46:16
From: Doctor Ethan
Subject: Re: Help in math so I can teach...

Sometimes radical questions are really hard to figure out, but 
this one should work out pretty well.

First work on \/81  ( that is how I will notate radical)

What is the number that when squared gives us 81?

I hope you see that it is 9. So the first part is 3*9,
which is 27.

How would you figure out the second part?

Then after you have the two parts add them together.

Hope that helps.

-Doctor Ethan,  The Geometry Forum

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