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Regression Method

Date: 11/18/97 at 20:17:09
From: Alejandro Navarro
Subject: Statistics question

What is the regression method? 
I have looked in many books, but I don't understand them.

Date: 11/19/97 at 09:11:55
From: Doctor Statman
Subject: Re: Statistics question

Dear Alejandro,

The simplest form of regression is fitting a line to data. Suppose I 
want to predict a child's height from his or her age. I can find the 
equation of the "best" line that relates height to age, and I can use 
that line to make predictions about what a "normal" height should be 
at any given age.

Regression methods go beyond fitting lines to data and explore fitting 
curves, using more than one variable to make predictions, and how to 
tell if the model you choose fits the data well.

A good book to start with is "Introduction to Linear Regression
Analysis" by Montgomery and Peck, published by John Wiley and Sons.

Best wishes,

-Doctor Statman,  The Math Forum
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