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What is the Regression Line?

Date: 08/09/99 at 22:30:51
From: Alison Silva
Subject: Regression Line

I do not understand what "regression line" means in the following

"Calculate the equation of the regression line of y on x, and plot the
line on your diagram (a scatter diagram)."

Date: 08/09/99 at 22:41:11
From: Doctor Tom
Subject: Re: Regression Line

The "regression line" is the equation for a line (usually of the form
y = mx + b, where you determine the values of m and b) such that the
line is "as close as possible" to passing through all the points.

By "as close as possible" is usually meant the line that minimizes the
sum of the squares of the errors in the y-direction. A good statistics
book can illustrate how to do this; the Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics
HyperStat pages on regression lines offer this method:   

- Doctor Tom, The Math Forum   
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