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Expressing a Code Algebraically

Date: 3/19/96 at 13:53:58
From: susan mazza
Subject: code

My question has to do with a game that I play with a friend.  
I am to express a code algebraically.  The code is the alphabet 
reversed..a=z, b=y etc.  

I am at a complete standstill on how to solve this.


Date: 3/20/96 at 1:39:2
From: Doctor Sebastien
Subject: Re: code

Dear Susan,

Give each letter a number according to its position in the alphabet, 

a=1, b=2, c=3, ..., z=26.

Then the number of the coded letter is given by 27-x where x is 
the number of the original letter.

For example, to code "the", change it into numbers: 20, 8, 5.  
The number of the letters in the encoded word is 7, 19, 22, i.e. 
the encoded word is "gsv".

-Doctor Sebastien, The Math Forum
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