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Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

Date: 6/20/96 at 21:8:44
From: Anonymous
Subject: Simplifying Algebraic Expressions


I don't know where to start.  It's just so long and confusing.

Date: 6/25/96 at 12:59:43
From: Doctor Chaos
Subject: Re: Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

Knowing where to start involves some examination of the statement.  
You definitely want to work from inside the brackets and parentheses 
first. looking toward the left, multiply c2 times (d-3a+e4) using the 
distributive property, to get (literally) c2*d-c2*3a+c2*e4.  Now if 
this notation you're using implies multiplication so that c2 and 2c 
mean the same thing, then let's rewrite it to be 2cd-6ca+8ce.

This is as far as I go here until we know FOR SURE what the notation 
is you are using.  Secondly there seems to be a misplaced = sign in 
the last grouping.  please check the typing, as well as my suggestion, 
and let us know how your progress is coming.

-Doctor Chaos,  The Math Forum
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