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Quadratic Equation

Date: 6/22/96 at 22:34:20
From: Anonymous
Subject: The Quadratic Equation - In Laypeople's Terms

We were testing our math literacy and found that we could not recall 
what a quadratic equation is used for. Could you please enlighten us? 
We searched and searched on the Web but could not find an answer in 
laypeople's terms. Any insight would be appreciated. 

Date: 6/22/96 at 23:46:36
From: Doctor Sarah
Subject: The Quadratic Equation - In Laypeople's Terms

Hi -
R. Seiden, whose web pages have since fallen off the web, once wrote 
this explanation, which you might help refresh your memory:

"Where would you use it in the real world? Outside of helping you pass 
math, the Quadratic Equation can be very helpful. Let's say you throw 
a baseball up in the air to your friend. That ball follows a 
parabolic path, which means there is a quadratic equation involved, 
and you can use the Quadratic Formula to figure out how far the ball 
will go. You can also use it to figure out how hard you need to throw 
it to make it to your friend."

If you need a more detailed explanation, write back with a specific 
question and we'll try to help you out. 

-Doctor Sarah,  The Math Forum
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Date: 6/24/96 at 10:31:2
From: Doctor Ethan
Subject: The Quadratic Equation - In Laypeople's Terms

The most basic example is any time that you have an equation
describing the motion of an object where there is a constant 
acceleration. Then you have a quadratic equation. This occurs a lot. 
Gravity is a good example.

-Doctor Ethan,  The Math Forum
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