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Where's the Math in Tessellations?

Date: 1/19/96 at 16:41:32
From: Barb Barras Mfg 4-6967 ~BHOSVWZ#091
Subject: tessellations

My son is doing an honors project for his 9th grade algebra class. 
He is to make the connection between math and art.  Researching 
tessellations would prove helpful.  But it seem the only information 
we come up with is about M.C. Escher and some examples of 
tessellations.  We got the program 'TesselMania' and it's great.  
He would like to have some help on making the connection between 
art and math.

Can you help?

Barb Barras

Date: 1/20/96 at 7:4:22
From: Doctor Sarah
Subject: Re: tessellations

Hi Barb -

One of our Forum Teacher Associates, Suzanne Alejandre, has 
written a Web unit on tessellations that includes a section 
called "Where's the Math?"  It starts at   

and includes many pages linked to this URL. 

Good luck with the honors project!

-Doctor Sarah,  The Geometry Forum

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