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Integral of (1+sec(x))^2 dx

Date: 5 Jan 1995 11:24:58 -0500
From: Cornelia Ott
Subject: Integrals

Dear dr. math,

Please help me with this problem, and possibly show me the steps on 
how  to solve it.  Thank you.

Integral of (1+sec(x))^2 dx

Thanks a lot again

Date: 5 Jan 1995 12:04:33 -0500
From: Dr. Ken
Subject: Re: Integrals

Hello there!

I'll get you started down the road of how I would do this problem.  First 
of all, try carrying out that squaring operation, to get

Integral of (1 + 2Sec[x] + Sec^2[x]), and then notice that the derivative 
of Tangent is Secant squared.  So we've got that part of the integral 
nailed. The 1 part is pretty easy too, so all that's left is to integrate that
2Sec[x] term.  This is best done by looking up in a calculus book what 
the integral of Secant is.  

Hope this helps!

-Ken "Dr." Math
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