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Sin of More Than 2pi, 360 Degrees

Date: 8/6/96 at 21:27:11
From: Anonymous
Subject: Sin of More Than 2pi, 360 Degrees


How do you find the sin of 2020?

Date: 8/6/96 at 21:40:13
From: Doctor Robert
Subject: Re: Sin of More Than 2pi, 360 Degrees

Do you mean 2020 degress or 2020 radians?  Since the sine function 
repeats itself every 360 degrees, you can subtract any multiple of 360 
from 2020 and take the sine of that angle.  In other words, 

sin 2020 = sin 1660 
sin 1300 = sin 220 degrees.
 sin 220 = -sin 40 = -0.6428.

If you're dealing with radians, subtract multiples of 2pi from 2020.  
Make sure that your calculator is in radian mode.  Your answer should 
be .0441.

-Doctor Robert,  The Math Forum
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