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Fermat's Last Theorem and Chess

Date: 3/25/96 at 13:48:22
From: Anonymous
Subject: Maths and chess

          Dear friends,

       I'd like to now if Fermat's problem is solved and when is chess 
likely to be solved?

                    yours sincerely,

Date: 3/26/96 at 21:34:48
From: Doctor Jodi
Subject: Re: Maths and chess

Hi Uzay! I'm not sure what you mean by "when is chess likely to be 
solved?" Could you please explain?

For Fermat's last theorem, I'll refer you to the math.sci faq, which 
includes a section on this topic.  You can find the faq at   

According to the faq, Fermat's last theorem HAS been proven.

The conference at which Wiles first announced his proof (which was later 
corrected) is described at   

This site also includes links to several other web pages on the theorem.

Hope this helps!

-Doctor Jodi,  The Math Forum

Date: 3/31/96 at 13:37:3
From: Anonymous
Date: 30 Mar 96  18:45:50
Subject: Re: Maths and chess

      As I know, chess is  a logical game, great but with limited 
moves. Since there's a challenge and it's logical it must have an answer 
which is "white wins!" because white plays first. There'll be an answer for 
every move of the black and whatever he'll do, he'll lose this game and 
when the computers find this out there'll be no point in playing the game, 
with the computer of course.

       Now the point is since the number of moves is "nearly" endless in 
this game they have to use AI, which will remove unnessary moves and will help the calculations  a lot. Taking the new computer technology into 
account, "when is chess will likely to be solved?"!

                            yours sincerely,
                                             Uzay Kirbiyik

P.S. If it helps, in the year 2008 home computers will have the speed of 
800 Mhz, according to a serious computer magazine.

Date: 4/2/96 at 3:15:44
From: Doctor Jodi
Subject: Re: Maths and chess

Hi Uzay! I was talking to a chess buff friend of mine, who pointed out that 
checkers is solved, but that humans still play the game.

I'm really not sure when computers will "solve" chess - they're just now 
beating grand masters regularly.  But I think you're right, it is 
dependant on how AI and computer power develop.

Anyway, I don't think  that it's likely to happen very soon, but since 
there are a finite number of moves, it's likely to happen eventually....

-Doctor Jodi,  The Math Forum

Date: 4/13/96 at 2:9:42
From: Anonymous
Subject: Re: Maths & chess

No, not yet. There's still time for the computers to beat 
human beings.  Remember the Kasparow-IBM game?

>But I think you're right, it is dependant on how AI and computer power 

-A small calculation might solve this but an investigation is 

         Nice chatting with you, I'm from Bursa , Turkey!

                          Best regards...

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