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Graphs with Three Vertices

Date: 03/31/99 at 04:49:51
From: Edward Jones
Subject: Graphs with three vertices

I am currently working on a project that asks me to find out about        
the basics of graph theory. One of the last things that I have to do 
is to draw graphs with 3 vertices. What are these? Could you give 
me some examples?

I have tried looking in books and on the Internet, but I am still not 
clear what I am required to draw.

Thanks for the help!

Date: 03/31/99 at 15:23:05
From: Doctor Rob
Subject: Re: Graphs with three vertices
Here are a few examples:

    O    O    O

    O----O    O


    | \
    |  \


    O====O    O

I think you get the idea! There are actually infinitely many

- Doctor Rob, The Math Forum   
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