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Computers and Calculators in Math Today

Date: 12/6/95 at 11:44:35
From: Anonymous
Subject: Calculators and Computers in Math

I am in 10th grade and we need to do a term paper on math, I need
to know how computers and calculators play a big part in math 


Date: 3/20/96 at 21:28:41
From: Doctor Jodi
Subject: Re: Calculators and Computers in Math

Hi there!  Have you finished your term paper?  We'd love to see 
what you found.  I hope it went okay.

Lots of mathematicians use computers for their work...
- browse at the Geometry Center,   
where 3D graphics are used to work in math every day (especially 
see some of their videos, like Inside Out, a computer animation of 
a sphere turning inside out)

- look at the pi page (mathematicians have calculated around 2 
BILLION digits of pi with computers) at   

- find other related careers at the MAA's What's a Math Degree 
GOOD for? page gopher://   

Other interesting things to look at:

- Turing's mathematical basis for computer science

- calculus reform movements at several colleges and high schools, 
including programs like Mathematica, or computer labs and graphing 
calculators in the calculus curriculum 

People to talk to:

- talk to teachers and students who are working for/against 
calculus reform

- talk to people who have seen computers revolutionize mathematics 
and mathematics education

  Please do write us again with other questions. 

- Doctor Jodi,  The Math Forum

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