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High School Math Software

Date: 7/12/96 at 16:17:35
From: lingil
Subject: Freeware High School Math Software

Hi, I'm a student in high school, and our school is starting to use 
computers in math education. I'd like to know where I could get good 
shareware/freeware programs for high school level math.

Thanks in advance.
Raz Lin

Date: 7/12/96 at 16:45:2
From: Doctor Patrick
Subject: Re: High School Math Software

Hi!  Here are some good sites I know of for software.  First, try    for a large collection of shareware and 

Also check out Yahoo (    ).  They have a large 
number of listings in all sorts of topics, including software, 
education, and mathematics. Any of these categories will be a good 
place to start looking.

You could also try some of the various search engines on the Web with
words like "software and education" (or software and whatever topic 
you want)

For math software check out the Internet Mathematics Library here at 
the Math Forum:   

If you are going to be using computers, you might also want to look
into some good Internet sites that have educational material.  If you
are interested in this, some good places to start are Yahoo, which I 
mentioned above, and the Math Forum's Internet Mathematics Library at:   

Hope you find this useful.  Good luck!

-Doctor Patrick,  The Math Forum
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Date: 7/12/96 at 17:23:48
From: Doctor Paul
Subject: Re: High School Math Software

Check out Maple V (Maple Five).  It's really great! You can get 
information about downloading the demo version free from:    

For information on learning to use Maple, Indiana University has 
proven very useful.  They have two pages on Maple help:   

The latter discusses a little about the UNIX Operating System. 

I think the first URL will be a little more helpful for learning to 
use Maple V.  

-Doctor Paul,  The Math Forum
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