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2D Graphing Software: Maple

Date: 7/15/96 at 11:48:39
From: Gail Chew
Subject: 2D Graphing Software

Dear Sir,
I'm a first year student studying in a Junior College in Singapore.
Recently, I've been having a problem sketching curves, especially 
hyperbolas and certain mathematical equations. I've read in the news 
that certain college mathematic computer programs let you magnify a 
certain area and analyze the curve. For example you can find the 
intersection points of two curves.

I'm hoping that you can recommend some PC software that could help me 
tackle this problem. 

Yours sincerely,
Gail Chew

Date: 7/15/96 at 12:21:46
From: Doctor Paul
Subject: Re: 2D Graphing Software

Maple V is a great tool for graphing and examining functions.  It's
available for free downloading at   

a Maple V tutorial is available at Indiana university:   

Good Luck!

-Doctor Paul,  The Math Forum
 Check out our web site!   
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