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Software for High School Math

Date: 8/26/96 at 13:2:27
From: vince thompson
Subject: Math Software

I am writing to find out if you might know of any software
available for helping a 15 year-old with areas she has trouble with
[algebra, geometry, etc.].

Hope you can make suggestions, thanks.
   Vincent C. Thompson

Date: 10/24/96 at 16:5:2
From: Doctor Jaime
Subject: Re: Math Software

There is a very good set of software packages for a lot of different 
topics by the mathematicians Kemeny and Kurz (the inventors of BASIC 
computing language) called TRUE BASIC. 

You can find detailed info and demos on their web site,
The TRUE BASIC Information Center:   

You can find pointers to a lot of software here at the Math Forum. 
Look at:   

You can also look at the 'Mathematics Archives' of the Univ. of 
Tennessee, Knoxville:   

-Doctor Jaime,  The Math Forum
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