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Tesseracts and Hypercubes

Date: 05/22/97 at 14:37:21
From: Becky Smith
Subject: Tesseracts and hypercubes

I am a high school media coordinator with a geometry student who has 
an assignment to write a 5-page paper on tesseracts and hypercubes.  I 
have looked in our reference and math books but there's not enough 
information to support a long paper.  Can you give me any good 
clear concise information sources that a high school geometry student 
would understand?  Thanks.

Date: 05/26/97 at 15:32:12
From: Doctor Jodi
Subject: Re: Tesseracts and hypercubes

Hi there!

Thanks for your question. Here are some Web sites that may be of use:


I found a good picture of a tesseract (also called a hypercube) at   

You will also find great pictures of the tesseract and other polytopes 
(higher-dimensional polyhedra) at   

A rotatable demonstration of a tesseract can be found at    

If this is too slow and you have access to a Macintosh, there is 
another demonstration available for download at   )


An article about visualizing the fourth-dimension is located at   

Answers to a high school student's questions about Euclidean geometry 
in higher dimensions are at    


That's most of what I found. Your student might also include a 
discussion of the fourth dimension in the project. Dr. Math has 
answered several questions on this topic; they are archived at   

Here is a good place to start:   

Please write back if you need more help.

-Doctor Jodi,  The Math Forum
 Check out our web site!   

Date: 05/27/97 at 08:17:12
From: Smith, Becky
Subject: Re: Tesseracts and hypercubes

Thanks so much for helping my student with some information sources 
for tesseracts on the Net.  I'll keep this communication on file for 
future reference on this topic.  Your site is a great place not only 
for students, but for teachers and media personnel to get mathematical

Becky Smith
Media Coordinator
Hickory High School
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