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Resources on 3D Surface Plots

Date: 9/12/95 at 13:0:39

I would appreciate it if you would let me know of any databases or handbooks
on the Internet for 3D surface plots of equations z=f(x,y,...).

Date: 9/13/95 at 22:9:21
From: Doctor Steve

I would browse through the math graphics section of our Internet Resource
Collection and see if you can't get a lead or someone to ask from one
of those sites.   

-Doctor Steve,  The Geometry Forum

Date: 9/13/95 at 22:13:12
From: Doctor Steve

I should have mentioned the math software section as well which contains
links to Mathematica archives and other similar software packages.  These
sites often contain notebooks and links to databases that others have put 
together using their software.   

-Doctor Steve,  The Geometry Forum
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