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Books about Proofs

Date: 10/26/95 at 20:41:40
From: Anonymous
Subject: Understanding How To Do Proofs.

I just need some help on proofs.  I really don't understand how to 
do them and they are making my grade go down substantially in my 
Geometry class.

It would be most helpful if you gave me some advice on how to 
understand them and doing them.

Thanks a lot!

Date: 12/19/95 at 13:56:59
From: Doctor Tarin
Subject: Re: Understanding How To Do Proofs.

This question is a bit vague; we can't help too much unless you 
tell us what types of proofs, cite specific examples, try to tell 
us what problems you're having, etc.  Send along one or two proofs 
you're having trouble with and we'll try to deal with those. You'd 
be surprised how much a few examples can help you understand a lot 
of other problems.  

Alternatively, you could take a look at two excellent books that 
helped me understand proofs:

   How to Solve It, by G.Polya
   How to Read and Do Proofs, by Daniel Solow.

The first one will probably be more helpful for you.  Both should be 
available at larger bookstores (Borders).

-Doctor Tarin,  The Geometry Forum
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