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Ellipse Bounding A Rectangle

Date: 7/15/96 at 16:37:3
From: Anonymous
Subject: Ellipse Bounding A Rectangle

Dr. Math,

I have the four points for a rectangle (rect1): top, left, right and 
bottom. I need to be able to calculate the rectangle bounding an 
ellipse bounding my original rectangle (rect1). In other words, how do 
I calculate an ellipse or an oval bounding or encompassing my original 
rectangle (rect1) using my four points? Then once I have that ellipse, 
how do I calculate its bounding rectangle and ultimately end up with a 
new set of top, left, right and bottom coordinates? I am assuming 
there will be at least two formulas.

Thanks a million squared.

Matthew Carl
The Carl Group, Inc.

Date: 7/15/96 at 17:26:1
From: Doctor Anthony
Subject: Re: Ellipse Bounding A Rectangle

If you have a rectangle, then there is no unique ellipse that can be 
drawn to encompass it.  You could for example have a circle through 
the four points, and any number of ellipses with major and minor axes 
in either direction.  That being so, there would be no unique second 
rectangle to be found which contained the ellipse.

-Doctor Anthony,  The Math Forum
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