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Simplify the Expression

Date: 08/21/97 at 01:34:52
From: Bobby Mummon
Subject: Pre-calculus

Simplify the expression and eliminate any negative exponents.  

I am stuck on this problem:


Date: 08/27/97 at 10:16:59
From: Doctor Rob
Subject: Re: Pre-calculus

Use the Laws of Exponents.  Two of them say

  (1) (ab)^c = a^c*b^c,   and
  (2) a^(b+c) = a^b*a^c.

   = 4^(1/2)*b^(1/2)*8*b^(2/5), by using (1) above,
   = 2*8*b^(1/2 + 2/5), by using the Commutative Law and (2) above,
   = 16*b^(9/10).

-Doctor Rob,  The Math Forum
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