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Modulus Operator Problem

Date: 2/12/96 at 16:44:7
From: Ruby Mayes
Subject: modulus operator

Can you explain this problem to me

4 % 3 =

I believe this is the modulus operator but can you give me 
some information and the rule about working such a problem?

Date: 2/13/96 at 18:42:13
From: Doctor Ethan
Subject: Re: modulus operator

Hi there, Ruby.  I think you're right that '%' is being used as the
modulus operator.  It is probably most often seen in the form:

4 mod 3

but computer programmers use the % shorthand in several 
languages, and it is also fairly fast way of typing it.

The modulus operator returns the remainder when the first 
number is divided by the second.  Here are some examples:

1 mod 3 = 1 (or 1 % 3 = 1)
2 mod 3 = 2
3 mod 3 = 0
4 mod 3 = 1
5 mod 3 = 2
6 mod 3 = 0

This seemingly simple operator is actually a very powerful tool 
for mathematicians, especially those who specialize in Number 

I hope this answered your questions.

-Doctor Ethan,  The Math Forum

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