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Speed down a Hill

Date: 4/17/96 at 10:43:27
From: Spring Lake Park H.S.
Subject: physics

How fast is an object going at the bottom of a 14.9m hill, 
if it starts at the top going 3.0 m/s?

Date: 4/18/96 at 19:32:8
From: Doctor Ken
Subject: Re: physics


In order to do this problem, you have to assume a few things:

- you have to assume that friction isn't going to be much of a 

- similarly, wind resistance isn't going to play a big part.

Also, here's a tip: Since they didn't say how steep the hill was, 
it probably doesn't make any difference, right?  So you might as 
well use the easiest hill you know of, namely the hill that goes 
straight down (no hill at all).  Does that make the problem easier 
for you?  Remember, the downward acceleration due to gravity of 
any object on the Earth's surface is about 9.8 meters per second.

Write back if you still need more help on this.

-Doctor Ken,  The Math Forum

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