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Probability of Winning Roulette

Date: 5/16/96 at 14:13:5
From: Anonymous
Subject: Probability of winning roulette

We are a group of advanced math students who would like to know how to 
calculate, discuss, and demonstrate the probabilities and mathematical 
expectations of roulette. Can you tell us where to look to find this, 

Date: 6/24/96 at 10:33:27
From: Doctor Gary
Subject: Re: Probability of winning roulette

You need look no further than the roulette wheel itself.  Count how 
many different slots there are (some wheels have 1-36 and "0", others 
have 1-36, "0" and "00").  

Unless the wheel is "crooked", there will be an equal chance of the 
ball landing in any one of the 37 or 38 slots, making the probability 
of landing in any one particular slot either 1/37 or 1/38, depending 
on the type of wheel used.

If you make a more exotic bet (e.g. odd numbers, or "red"), the 
numerator of the probability of winning is determined by the number of 
slots that would allow you to win.

The beauty of math is that you can do the "lab work" in your mind.

-Doctor Gary,  The Math Forum
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