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Stock Market Web Project

Date: 09/15/97 at 09:43:38
From: Essex Fells 6th grade
Subject: Stock market

We are studying the stock market. We are doing a pretend project on 
the stock market where we have $100 and have to invest in a stock. Do 
you have any tips or a good math activity for 6th grade students?

Date: 09/15/97 at 10:00:27
From: Doctor Sarah
Subject: Re: Stock market

Hi -

Do you and your teacher know about the following site?  Here's an 
advance tip from an October Math Forum newsletter:


  This interdisciplinary project for middle school students and
  teachers includes lesson plans for English, Math, and Social
  Studies, stock basics lessons, Internet links, and teacher
  record sheets. The teacher may be the stock broker (best
  where there's a single-line connection), or the students may
  be brokers (as in a networked lab environment).

  The project involves an interactive stock market competition
  between classmates, using real-time stock market data from
  the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. Objectives:

    - to recognize and use terms related to market activities
    - to use research tools on the Web to make informed
      decisions in developing a stock portfolio
    - to allow students to track and manage their own
      portfolios of stocks
    - to recognize the effect that economic indicators,
      company management, political climate, foreign relations,
      and other variables have on the stock market

  Students will learn to analyze their own stock data in
  relation to the fluctuating indicators.

For more about the newsletter, including back issues and information 
on how to subscribe, see:   

-Doctor Sarah,  The Math Forum
 Check out our web site!   
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